The Kingdom: 1 Kings 18

Brandon Nichols
The Story of the Bible Sun May 26th

In 1 Kings 18, Ahab, a notoriously terrible king, has lead the people of Israel into idolatry. It’s not that they stopped ‘worshipping’ the LORD. They still show up for sacrifices to the LORD, but they have added other gods to their worship rotation, including Baal, the Canaanite god of fertility and weather.

One of God’s prophets, Elijah, challenges the prophets of Baal to an epic showdown. Two sacrifices will be prepared, but not set on fire. Instead, the prophets of Baal will pray and ask Baal to answer by setting their sacrifice on fire and Elijah will pray and ask the LORD to set his sacrifice on fire. The one who answers will prove himself to be the one, true God.