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Crafting Our Identities

Fragile Identities Series
August 6, 2023

Did you watch the TV Show “Making it,” hosted by Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler? Craftspeople, makers, and designers compete against each other by making amazing handcrafted works in weekly challenges. It’s unbelievable to see what people are able to create. While the art of crafting can be a compelling hobby or trade, we live in a time that expects us to craft our own unique identities. We find ourselves curating our online identity, discovering our true identity, and developing our professional identity. If we’re honest, it’s exhausting. And our carefully crafted identities seem fragile. One bad decision, one thoughtless post, or one unforeseen obstacle can cause the entire house of cards to collapse. This week we’re starting a three week series on how the good news of Jesus informs our identities and how we can have a more sure foundation for who we are.

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