Read through the bible with us

WEEK twenty-Five

Jer. 31:31-40, 32-33, 52; 2 Kings 24-25; Eze. 1:1-3, 36:16-28, 37; Daniel 1-4

These are incredibly tumultuous times in Judah with many kings succeeding the throne, several Babylonian sieges, rebellions, a succession of Israelite exiles to Babylon, and Judah transforming from an independent state to a vassal state, then finally to rubble with the remaining land left as farmland to feed Babylon. In the midst of this, God is ministering to His treacherous people so that they will repent and receive His blessing.

God gives His words to Jeremiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel not only to explain Israel’s fall, but to double down on His promises and demonstrate His power. This begins the most direct attention to prophecies of the new covenant, one to be ushered in by the Messiah of the line of David for an eternal state of relationship and blessing for God’s people. This figure will come to be known as the “Messiah”.

God’s promise of forgiveness is the promise to do what seems impossible to us. The people of promise had finally recognized the gravity of what they have done and what they had lost even to recon all of the hope in God’s promises has perished like dry bones (Eze. 37:11), and so He promises to breathe new life into them. In Jer. 31:21, God goes as far to call Israel, the nation he accused of prostituting herself, as a virgin. Through several mouths and to likely separate exiled audiences, God is telling them what they have made crooked He can restore to be brand new! In fact, He promises a new covenant superior to the old. All of this He will do not for our sake but for His (Eze. 36:22), which rather than being a cold response is a sign of His incredible patience and mercy. As we read more about Judah’s history, the mess and the mire of humanity ought to be clear, and if it were up to our merits our hopes really would be dry bones.

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